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How to properly maintain your pool cleaner ?

As with a household vacuum cleaner, it is important to take it out when you want to use it and store it after use, taking care to wind the power cable properly. It is essential to clean the bag or cartridges after each use and replace them only when dry. If necessary, the bags can be washed in a washing machine (<40°), and for the storage of your robot, a sheltered, temperate and dry place is ideal.

What is a pool cleaner’s cycle?

The cycle of a pool cleaner is the duration of its operation between its activation by you and its automatic shutdown.

During this period, he will ensure the cleaning of your pool. If the pool is very dirty, it is always possible after emptying the bag or cleaning the cartridges to put it back into operation for a second cycle.

What is a 3D mesh bag?

The filter bag supplied with the Virtuoso and 250 pool cleaners consists of 3D meshes that give a felted look to the inside of the bag. This specific fabric captures the finest particles.

What is the fineness of the filtration ?

This is a broad subject for comparison between products and that is why we do not specify this information. Indeed we could say 50 microns, 20 microns, 10 microns, 5 microns, 1 micron and that would be correct.
Indeed, as it operates, the bag or cartridges fill and clog with the debris and dust collected and thus gradually increase their filtration fineness, which therefore improves over the cycle depending on the cleanliness of the pool.

How to use my pool cleaner properly?

First check the presence and correct positioning of the bag/cartridges in the cleaner. Place the power supply module more than 3.5 ml from the pool edge. Gradually immerse your Virtuoso pool cleaner ideally in the middle of the longest length of your pool, wait for it to land on the bottom, connect its cable to the power module, start up with the ON button. At the end of the cycle, carefully bring the robot closer to the edge and then to the surface of the pool using the cable. Take it out on the curb or on the ground. Remove and clean the filter bag/cartridges. Videos are available in “Our Pool Cleaners”.

what are the differences between bag and cartridge?

Le système à cartouches offre l’avantage d’un accès par le dessus sans avoir à retourner le robot et une facilité de nettoyage par simple ouverture et passage d’un jet d’eau. Le système à sac est plus économique mais un peu plus contraignant à nettoyer et demande un temps de sechage avant d’être remis en place, il peut se laver en machine. Les performances des 2 systèmes sont équivalentes ( voir Quelle est la finesse de la filtration ?),  

Can I use my pool cleaner in a natural pool?

The Virtuoso pool cleaner range is designed for traditional above-ground and in-ground pools and is not suitable for natural pools containing plants.

Are the brushes of virtuoso pool cleaners compatible with all coatings?

Yes they are ! PVA foam brushes allow Virtuoso pool cleaners to work with all types of coatings (paint, tiles, liner,…). Their flexibility allows the robot to “stick” to the support and thus to ensure an optimal suction and therefore an optimal cleaning.

Can I change the cycle time of my pool robots?

The cycle time varies according to the pool cleaner models. It lasts from 1h30 to 2h for Virtuoso V100 and V200. The other two models V300 and V500 have several cleaning cycles (1h30, 2h and 2h30).

Why are foams hard?

On delivery the PVA foams are dry and hard, they will swell and take the full width of the support tube after immersion. These flexible brushes will allow the pool cleaner to stick to the coating and ensure optimal suction.

Does my pool cleaner no longer climb the walls and make the water line?

Pool cleaners are sensitive to the quality of your pool water. A poorly regulated pH, the presence of microalgae on the walls due to a lack of disinfectant will cause the robot to slip and prevent it from performing its cleaning cycle properly. If the pool was very dirty, clogging the front bag or cartridges 

What is the purpose of the Virtuoso V200 V300 V500 mobile handle?

The Virtuoso V200 V300 V500 pool cleaner’s movable handle allows them to balance and move along the water line. Depending on the inclination given, the pool cleaner will rotate in one direction or the other. We recommend that you regularly reverse the position of the handle, it is a very simple operation that takes a few seconds and helps to limit the twisting of the cable and thus maintain an optimal cleaning capacity of your pool.

 From what water temperature can I use my robot?

  The ORCA pool robot can be used in water with a temperature between 13°C and 35°C, however, the recommended temperature for optimal performance is between 22°C and 32°C.
The storage temperature of your ORCA pool robot must be between 10°C and 40°C in a sheltered, dry and ventilated place and not directly exposed to the sun’s rays.

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